About Ryan T. Lee

Parents and friends knew Ryan as a wonderful son and a fine young man. Fellow sports competitors knew Ryan as an athlete overflowing with talent and potential. People who met Ryan for the first time quickly realized that he was a person with a big heart who took an immediate interest in others. Ryan was truly a man for others.

Ryan had a love for sports which he cultivated throughout his life. Following a decorated career at Berlin High School on both the varsity golf team and varsity basketball team, Ryan continued his golf career at Long Island University. As a Division I collegiate golfer, Ryan embodied the most important traits of a successful person, both on and off the golf course. Ryan was persistent and determined, and always eager to learn. He garnered invaluable life lessons from his time as a collegiate golfer, and there is no doubt Ryan could have done anything in this world. Although sports were his passion, Ryan was an individual who truly understood the importance of forging lasting relationships.

Our Mission

The Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the enduring spirit of a special young man by actively seeking out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. The Foundation is committed to identifying effective ways to help individuals reach their goals and realize their dreams.

To date, the Ryan T. Lee Foundation has donated $430,000 to individuals and organizations

Board of Directors

Daniel Lee

James McNair

Robert Josephson

Michael Rugens

John McNair

Tim Cote

Mark DiLoreto