“Ry of Light” – Friday, April 26th, 2019

Many people who knew Ryan say that he was like a ray of sunshine in their day that lifted their spirits and made them feel happy inside. On April 26th we would like to remember Ryan’s spirit in a way that generates what it means for someone to be a ray of light in someone’s day or life.

How all people, including children, have an impact on each other by what they say and do. We hope to raise awareness in our community to be someones “Ry of Light” by promoting kindness, selflessness, patience, tolerance, acceptance, sharing, caring, and love. So we CHALLENGE you, our community, to be someone’s “Ry of Light.”

On April 26th please post your pictures or videos of how you and or your group accepted the CHALLENGE to #Ryoflightchallenge on facebook or twitter. Those wishing to submit anonymously may text Theresa Lee at (860) 424-2010 and she will post some light on your behalf.

After the day is done everyone can visit those sights to see all the things our community did to help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE.